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You Are Multi Dimensional Motivational Spoken Word Poetry

You are multi-dimensional!

You are more than just a slave in the matrix! You are a multi-dimensional being! Through the art of spoken word poetry, Kamal Imani lets you know that the truth is out there and within! Let's Go!
You are not just generation X, generation crack or millennials
You’re what’s up, you represent the new
You are multi-dimensionals
You have infinite innovation
Unparalled potential
You were born to break the norm
Your kundalini energy doesn’t die, it just changes form
Unique like a unicorn, no thought of being uniform
When you were born the devil mourned cause a messiah was born
Like Heru, Yeshua, Buddha and Krishna, you’re more than an Avatar
You’re an artist, a poet, a world teacher a time traveler
But there’s one thing that you must always remember
When you’re doing your thing walking on water
The haters and naysayers you must ignore
Keep your energy up in this spiritual war
And when you fall down, take your time, cause your mind is profound
We all get tripped up, but meditate your way out
You got caught but your deep thought will make you walk,
Right out of the trap
cause ain’t nobody got time for that!
You’re multidimensional, you have unlimited soul to tap
Short and long-term goals to catch
You’re the golden child breaking out of the golden egg, time to hatch
You’re the best in the bunch, the crunch in the batch
You are the microcosm of the macrocosm
You are earth, wind, water and fire
Tap into your resources it’s time to rise higher!
You are atoms ready to combust, ancestral DNA ready to discuss
You are mind, body, soul, spirit, creativity and a bad ass attitude
You are electromagnetic energy and it’s time for you to do you!
You’re an architect- activate your blueprint
*Pray, meditate, chant, dance
Take a chance
For you are multidimensional

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By Kamal Imani ©2017

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