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The Story of Kamau Sadiki, Assata Shakur and the Black Liberation Army

Dhoruba bin-Wahad, formerly of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, also a former political prisoner as part of the Panther 21, joined us once again to discuss the story of Kamau Sadiki, Assata Shakur and the BLA in part to amend popular histories but to also offer clarity and inspiration to those becoming active today. FOR MORE INFO:

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Comment by Arlene Johnson on May 18, 2017 at 6:42am

Thank you for this video. It's overwhelming what the African American community has been forced to endure. COINTELPRO has been subjected on the white community too with one white man having been killed by his COINTELPRO handler who headed VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) as documented by the interview on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonsales in June 2002.

That interview enabled me to write my second book on what COINTELPRO did to me as the aspiring publisher I was in the late 90s from top secret history I had been learning since 1983, culminating in the top secret history I learned in fall 1993.

Indeed, here is a quote that I published on the last Table of Contents page that's about the FBI: :

"FBI links with Organized Crime are nothing new. The FBI was founded primarily as an internal political repression agency, not a crime fighting organization. A few spectacular arrests of rag tag bank robbers burnished the crime fighting image, but political control has always been the FBI's main role." 
-Baltimore Sun Blog

Dhoruba bin-Wahad mentioned black professors not having the courage to teach accurate history. Academia is controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation as is every level of education from kindergarten. Therefore, any professor who dared to try to teach true history wouldn't fare well.

You can read the descriptions of my first two books at to see what the FBI's COINTELPRO tried to do to me in 1999. After I was out of the USA, I even heard from the undercover informant in an Email on two consecutive Fridays the second one of which he came right out and asked me if I was in the United States. Needless to say I didn't respond to him as the NSA can tell from the IP number where we are.


Arlene Johnson


To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine. To access the African American political prisoners log onto

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