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'Ragin Cajun' Tarnish Image of HBCU! 'Southern University Betrays Black Community'

Ragin Cajun Tarnishes H.B.C.U. Image! 
Southern University Betrays Black Community'

By: Takuna M. EL Shabazz, C.C.B.E. Representative 

The Community Council of Black Elders (C.C.B.E.) is a network of progressive multi talented, resourceful and conscientious Black Men and Women who value the concept of self-determination. As an independent community based organization and advocacy group out of Lafayette, LA., we are committed to advising/counseling, producing and/or researching available resources for the purpose of building, representing and protecting the collective interest of the Black Community. Our central areas of focus for improving the upward mobility and equity in Black communities includes politics, economics, education, social values, history and culture by any means deem necessary. 

In light of the growing racial tension that is currently consuming the media, C.C.B.E. felt compelled to publicly respond to the recent decision by one of our valued H.B.C.U.s regarding an up-coming athletic event. When one of our historical Black colleges/universities agrees to schedule a football game with a university that has as its’ mascot a historical White derogatory slur term ”Cajun” that was equivalent to the slur “Nigger” with 85%-90% of its athletes beingBlack; that university by default become an agent of destruction and a model of self-hatred for Black people. Given the fact that the scheduling of the event seemingly took place without objections from the current Black students population of that H.B.C.U. and it's thousands of beloved and faithful graduates and followers, speaks to an ugly reality and a greater problem with some of our so-called H.B.C.U.s.  

Consequently, for a so called H.B.C.U. to voluntarily participate to help finance and promote Black cultural genocide, in the name of an athletic event for the benefit of a fist full of dollars, is to capitulates to the tenants of institutional racism and oppression. It further glaringly points out the destructive impact of mis-education under the delusion of academic progress. Obviously, there are still a disproportionate number of multi talented intellectual idiots that many of our so-called H.B.C.U.s are still producing. In the title of the book “Mis-Education of the Negro”, by Dr. Carter Woodson, he accurately captures and defines this destructive behavior.  For a Black educational institution and the so-called educated Black people it produces, to enthusiastically become a co-conspirator with an open oppressor of Black people, by helping to finance and celebrate the oppressor’s victory over them, are the actions of mis-educated idiots or cowards at best!

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Comment by Rev.Dr.Niinana Kweku on July 26, 2014 at 12:06pm

This is beautiful keep up the great work of informing those who take great pride in who the are.  hotep

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