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Nigguhs are crazy. How in the...hell did we go from mourning the death of 9 people to worrying bout...that flag? Fly your own flag, nigguh!

Nigguhs are crazy. How in the motherfucking hell did we go from mourning
the death of nine people to worrying bout a cracker ass punk bitch flag
fly your own flag, nigguh
let the white man southern cracker northern fake smile soda cracker
motherfucker fly his stars and stripes
you ass been burned by both flags
fly yo flag nigguh
let the white man be his white devil self
his day is coming soon and very soon
fly yo flag North American African ass nigguh!
October 4, 2001
When I'll Wave The Flag
By Marvin X
I'll wave the flag
When the trillions in reparations are paid to the
African American Nation
For 400 years of terror in America
When the bill of the Middle Passage is paid
When the bill from the cotton fields is paid
I'll wave the flag
When the damages due the descendents of mass murder
is paid
Mass kidnapping
Mass rape
I'll wave the flag
When the police stop terrorizing us for breathing
while black
Walking while black
Loving while black
I'll wave the flag
When the 2 million men and women in prison are
for petty crimes
And those guilty of stealing elections take their
in the cells
I'll wave the flag
When those guilty of stealing labor, stealing
stealing souls of the poor are jailed
I'll wave the flag
When those guilty of the miseducation of our
children are
jailed for crimes against humanity
I'll wave the flag
When those who terrorize the earth, pollute the
poison the food, the water, the air
Inject animals with hormones
Genetically alter vegetables and fruits
When these people are taken before the world court
terrorizing the world
I'll wave the flag
Until then
Kiss my motherfuckin' ass.
2001 Marvin X.


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Comment by Samuel Burnham on June 25, 2015 at 8:23pm

Solutions to our problems  as African/Black people can be found at:

Comment by Brotha Lukata on June 24, 2015 at 6:11pm


Asinia Lukata Chikuyu wrote: when Know Thyself We know that We, People of African Descent, came from Pyramids and america put us into the ghettos. It's Time to get out of the ghettos, mentally and physically, without leaving our Hoods. How? 1. Education, including Ourstory, 2. Building Black Institutions, 3. Resolving internal conflicts, and 4. learning to defense ourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. FREE THE LAND! READ We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement

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