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My Neo "sexist" philosophy
Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 7:55pm

Reality is God's gift to people with no imagination.

Now for the people that understand the concept of consensus trance perception, no explanation of that statement is needed. For the rest of us however
Reality is a state that the predominate majority agree, dictate and project onto the scape of societies psyche.
Example: If you watch too much crime or reality television, it becomes a part of what you project onto the world you live in, regardless to whether or not you physically experience similar events on a consistent basis, or you hold unexpressed desires for something different.

Women often complain about men that spend too much time watching sports, porn, cartoons or violence. Likewise men complain about women watching too many melodramas

The point to stress is watching too much.

Q: if you stop trying " to be Realistic", "to keep it Real" and / or "be Real about things"
Will reality fail?
I'd like to try and if your right, I'll apologize.
personally I believe that not much will change on the surface, but beneath it, things will start to get better, because of what one is left to discuss.
Things of desire and pleasure.

The collective failure to express desired states as if they were real whole manifested states as often and passionately as individuals repeat the contents of the not so pleasant events they experience and witness [be they real or fictions] become a part of our collective reality.

Example: When rappers feel compelled to live the life they portray in their lyrics and the people they are attracted to gravitate towards them, especially after media sources announce the incomes of similar parties.

Far too often, too little note is paid to the more noble efforts of these individuals and as a result, people that want to be like them forgo similar efforts.

I've supported some of rapper Jay Z's philanthropic efforts, although I'd never spend a dime to buy his records or see him in concert and if asked to attend, I may demand, how much am I being paid to do that.

Now here's where the title comes from:
Sure I believe that women can do anything they set their minds to, but at what costs?
Is that ability beneficial to all living or just the community of women?

Someone may argue what about the actions of men.

I can say without reservation that men in general and at a greater percentage than women create things of benefit at a rate equal to if not greater than the things men they create that destroy.

Here's where my sexism becomes class-ism and racism: Consumerism and assimilation-ism!
Collectively we fail to passionately seek, acknowledge and publicly encourage the creative efforts of our peers and therefore fail to encourage beneficial creativity in our children.

This becomes the state of our reality.
A state that is greatly dependent on the decisions and labor of people we have no interpersonal exchanges with or expressed desire to be in the presence of. In fact often we strongly discourage any expressed desire to be in the company of decision makers. In some way believing that our own labor is of equal or greater value, because of our personal experiences and consumer desires.

Anybody recognizing the repetition here?

Saying "The good men are gone" has made it true.

Unless your son has a stronger will than yours, he will strive to become like the men you express sexual attraction to, adoration and admiration of, most consistently. On a purely selfish, myopic and materialistic level this is good for the majority of women that want a relationship with a man. Because a man will be attracted to and make efforts to gain the things that you express that you want. Unless he skips over you and just goes after the things without you or strives to be like you. I'm finding both of these to be quite common today, but I can also site how similar todays society is to what I've studied as the collapse of other societies. But whatever! The increase of little dead Tupacs and Biggies ain't your issue to deal with until it becomes your son or lover.

Sex is nasty, dirty and pornographic because, YOU don't express the beauty of it.
Even at it's most vulgar level of expression, there is magic in the articulation of words.
Funny thing about children, they want to do what they the see adults taking pleasure from.
So, when mommy glows after getting laid, no matter what mommy says, the kid wants to know what made mommy so happy.
I don't know anyone that is not the result of an actual sexual exchange. I know two people who talk about how their parents express the process of making them, graphically and beautifully enough for them to want whomever they share a sexual encounter with to know the same wonder.

The difference between a hoe, a prostitute and a whore are the differences between making love fucking and just kickin' it.
A hoe, is a wonderfully useful, extremely beneficial garden tool. That is if the food you serve the people you love is an expression of your love. We've made that word into a derogatory and judgmental term for a person, generally a woman, that is openly promiscuous. Usually because they diminish the power of control held by whore and spouses. Of which the difference is subtle and outside of it's legal, and religiously moral constructs, very minor. A prostitute, is commonly known as someone that exchanges sexual "favors for money, gifts or services". If we expand the meaning just a little to mean anyone that repeatedly does something they don't find morally or actually pleasant, in exchange for money, gifts or services, in our lives, most of us have prostituted ourselves. Whores are only mildly related to prostitutes and tend to have more in common with hoes (the garden tools) because they can be of great use to a society, often because they take pleasure in things many people find objectionable and they can redirect energies toward a point of disbursal that is safer for a community. However whores are more often than not cover-ups for courtesans which is deemed unsavory in our society and little more than social climbing and power mongering.

But as in all collapsing societies being a whore is seen as better than being enslaved.
If one studies the Bible, you'll note the escalating value or threat or whores and prostitutes in accordance to their proximity to governing houses. Likewise you'll notice the demands for treatment of enslaved persons and rules governing the handling of freed slaves that have no desire to leave their state of servitude.
Now nobody get me wrong! I am not talking about extreme chattel or wage slavery that has been common for the last seven hundred years. What I am talking about is much like the mental conditions of people who've spent the bulk of their lives in military service, a manufacturing plantation or in a correctional facility. For the most part there is little to help them transition from those institutions into life in common society and they are in need of a safe and comfortable place to exist in between the two states.

All of these arguments go hand in hand with ill concepts like chivalry, that beautiful ancient code that made it clear to any noble man that if he killed another man he then had ownership and responsibility for the dead man's household and possessions, including his wife and children. Except in the cause of another noble man then there were rules to be followed and the contents of the dead man's household was subject to trial by barrister and solicitor.
Somehow we've got it all confused with a twisted notion of general courteous behavior, especially from men towards women. Oh I don't know...

As we exit the coal and petroleum powered, 'industrial age' much of that society will collapse before our very eyes. The brothels and harems will become full, just as the monasteries and convents or their contemporary equivalents, resources will become scarce for those who lack the skills to generate or trade directly for them, fair representation will become more expensive and difficult to find. The demands of the people will become more and more base and more closed societies will make themselves public in order to access "entertainment". Some of the "Old" ways will become quaint nostalgic holdovers of a by gone time, like handsome cabs in the park, hand written letters, phones attached to the walls, analogue clocks and 8track cassettes. Many will become separators in in our social construct, like cocktail and dinner parties, Sunday dinners, sewing machines, books, bed time stories and on premises parents.

Our society no longer demands that we look beyond the surface results of an individual's actions into the heart and cause of those actions. Our moral construct has become an eroded concrete ruin, because reason, rhetoric, logic and critical thinking are things only for the most elite.

This is a warning: Become articulated by articulation or become individually extinct

Like I said at the beginning of this, I believe you can do whatever it is you want to do, but I won't tell you or try to sell you or tell you that you can't do anything in order to make you want it.

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