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In Separation There Is Unity 
By Takuna Maulana EL Shabazz, C.C.B.E. Representative
The terms Unity and Separation on the surface appear to be diametrically opposing concepts. However, when applied for specific reasons under certain circumstances, separation is the only means to unity. Costly lessons of history regarding the interpretation of these two concepts should serve to instruct, as well as empower Black people to better analyze the present realties, in order that we may become wiser and ultimately the architect of our own destiny. Historically, our European oppressors in the application and understanding of both terms have fed Black people in America distorted views. Whereby, the mere mention of the concept "Separation" sets off a polarizing alarm for some Black people. It appears to suggest in their minds, racist intent and counterproductive behavior. For instance, the word separation among many Black people is immediately taken as a descriptive term advocating the birth of some strange mythical monster called re-verse racism. Proponents of this view often propagate anti-Christian or an anti-White attitude as the bases for their intolerance for having a meaningful dialog on separation. On the other hand the concept "Unity" is hypocritically and superficially romanticized. In truth the term unity is more often misused and abused rather than honestly valued and applied by those same individuals.Read More:

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