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Free E-Book on Why Black Parents Struggle to Manage Their Teenagers’ Behavior and What They Can do About It

Free e-book called "25 Biggest Mistakes Black Parents Make and How to Correct Them" is available at The book was written by Gregory Harden, a social worker with 15 years experience working with at-risk youth.
Baltimore, MD, June 17, 2014 --( Gregory Harden, a social worker with over 15 years of experience working with at-risk youth, is offering a free parenting eBook to African-American parents of troubled teenagers. The book, "25 Biggest Mistakes Black Parents Make—And How to Correct Them," outlines the common mistakes parents make in trying to manage their teenagers’ behavior and offers practical strategies to correct these mistakes.

Far too many African-American parents are struggling to get control of their troubled teenagers. These parents are frustrated by a teenager who seems to constantly attract trouble. Parents worry constantly that their son or daughter will wind up in jail, in a hospital, or a morgue. These parents feel like they have tried everything to straighten out their teenagers with little results to show for their efforts.

Mr. Harden decided to write "25 Biggest Mistakes Black Parents Make—And How to Correct Them" and offer the book for free because black parents need a book that helps them to effectively manage their teenagers.

The book is immediately available for download on the Black Parents in Charge website. A customer simply goes to and completes the form at the bottom of the page. Once they click “Get E-Book Now,” they are taken to a page where they can instantly download the eBook free of charge.

“This book will help parents avoid the mistakes that prevent them from getting control of their teens,” said Greg Harden, the book’s author. “Parents have to take responsibility for changing their teens. Troubled teenagers aren’t going to change on their own. So, if parents want to change their troubled teenagers, parents must be prepared to change their own behavior first. They must take a hard look at how their behaviors contribute to their teen’s troublesome behaviors.”

The book is written for black parents who want to learn ways to better manage their teenagers.

Parents will learn:
· Why they haven’t been able to make much progress in getting their teen under control.
· How to set clear rules and expectations.
· How to improve their relationship with their teen and how this will help them getting control of their teen.
· How to control their emotions and prevent their teen from pushing your buttons.
· How to respond effectively to abuse and disrespect.
· How their beliefs prevent them from controlling their teen and how to permanently change their beliefs.
· How they can limit opportunities for their teen to get into trouble.

Mr. Harden is the CEO and founder of Black Parents in Charge, a company dedicated to helping African-American parents of troubled teenagers. The mission of Black Parents in Charge is to help build strong African-American communities by building strong African-American families. “The Black family has been deteriorating for decades,” said Gregory Harden, CEO of Black Parents in Charge. “The results have been a huge spike in the amount of delinquency in the African-American community. No community can thrive when so many of its youth are dropping out of school, getting arrested, or getting killed.”

About the Author

Gregory Harden has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. He has over 15 years working with at-risk youth and their families as a family counselor and as an assistant teacher at a school for students with behavioral and emotional difficulties, and a therapist. Greg currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.


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