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In Memory Of Trayvon Martin and all those who have been affected by the unjust policies of this state.

Help shut the broken Florida system of in-justice down! It’s the only way to deal with a rotten tree….it must be uprooted!

Florida is the top travel destination in the world. The tourism industry has an economic impact of $67 billion on Florida’s economy. It is also estimated that approximately eighty (80) percent of the oranges sold in the country comes from Florida's orange groves.  We are asking that all brothers and sisters and people of conscience and who thirst for true justice all over the world:
Join us in the fight for the rights of those no longer with us and those yet unborn…….

Here’s how you can help...

Below are lists of key companies that bring revenue into the State of Florida and therefore have an influence on the policies of the State. Remember, “It’s all about money.” We ask that all who are concerned and who are willing to assist us in enacting concrete change AS OF THIS DAY refrain from watching or in any way supporting teams, networks and or doing business with any major companies in or from Florida. You are also welcomed to contact these companies by phone, letter and or email regarding why you support

“Boycott Florida”

You may be aware of other companies to add to the list. If they are large companies with the capacity to put pressure on the state to bring forth meaningful change then by all means add them to the list.

If you care about what happened to Trayvon Martin, then

"Boycott Florida"

No vacations, no conventions, no business trips, no cruises, no use of sports arenas, no orange juice, nothing! Simply put, if it has the Florida name on it…..

”Don’t buy it”

It is completely up to us to change the unjust policies of this state.

It’s time to get busy!


Florida Companies

1. Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL Meg Crofton,

2. Publix Supermarkets , Headquarters: Lakeland, FL



3. Carnival Cruise Company, Miami,

4. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Miami,

5. DHL Express, Miami,

6. Darden Restaurants, Orlando (Red Lobster, Olive Garden,

    Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Eddie Vs, Yard

    House, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52),

7. Lennar Corp, Miami,

8. AutoNation,

9. HERTZ, Estero, Florida,

10.SteinMart, Jacksonville, FL,

11. Friend, Big, Perfect,

12. World Fuel Services 85 Miami 34,622.9

13. Sea World
14. Tech Data 109 Clearwater 26,488.1
15. Publix Super Markets 106 Lakeland 27,178.8
16. Tech Data 109 Clearwater 26,488.1
17. Jabil Circuit 157 St. Petersburg 16,518.8
18. NextEra Energy 172 Juno Beach 15,341.0

19. AutoNation 197 Fort Lauderdale 13,832.4
20. CSX 226 Jacksonville 11,743.0
21.Winn-Dixie Stores 363 Jacksonville 6,929.9
22. WellCare Health Plans 401 Tampa 6,106.9
23. Ryder System 407 Miami 6,050.5
24. Harris 413 Melbourne 5,924.6
25. Health Management Associates 423 Naples 5,822.1
26. Fidelity National Information Services 425 Jacksonville

27. Fidelity National Financial 472 Jacksonville 5,153.

28. Florida's Natural

29. AirTran Airways

30. Amerijet International

31. florida Airlines

32. Florida Airways

33. Jet America

34. Bank United

35. Union Bank

36. First Green Bank

37. Peoples Trust Insurance company

38. lexjet

39. Citrix Systems

Again, This is an International effort.

We are calling on our brothers and sisters and all right minded people from around the globe to come forth and assist in this righteous effort.

With the blessings of the Creator.....we will succeed!


The Concerned Citizens Committee (CCC)
(unidentified group)


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Comment by Kamal Imani on July 17, 2013 at 9:12am

I would say boycott Christmas and simply buy black. I understand the points of view of all the members below.

Comment by chris hartnett on July 16, 2013 at 4:19pm

Great post makes great sense.  Comes right out of the Steve Cokely handbook.  Good Stuff, great research.

Comment by Wes Barnard on July 16, 2013 at 3:17pm

The above suggestions all have some merit. I believe we should use our economic might to influence change. However, I don't agree with this shotgun approach. When you fire a shotgun, pellets are sprayed all over the place, but in a general direction of your target. This means you will damage other things besides your intended target.

Let us use our African wisdom and narrow our scope to specific targets, because Florida is the home of millions of our Black brothers and sisters. No doubt significant numbers gain their livelihood from the tourist industry of that state. 

What if we consciously adopted the advice of some of our more astute thinkers and become aware of spending as much money as we can with Black businesses while we visit Florida? If you really want to cause white racists in Florida to scream, then make it your business to do business with your own. 

When you arrive at the airport, show your preference for your Black brother to handle you bags and tip him accordingly. Find a Black taxi driver and do the same. Seek out Black restaurants, venues, clubs, places of entertainment, etc. and spend your hard earned money with your own people. While in the hotel of your choice, ask the management where the Black clubs, restaurants, etc are located. If they don't know, remind them that you are their guest and the next time you come they need to know.

This is a much more pro-active, non-violent way to influence white America with our dollars. We all know whites worship money more than anything else, despite their claims to the contrary.

As a people, actually a potential nation within a nation, 35 million strong, we control and spend $1.1 trillion dollars with white America. Do you realize that Black America is white America's biggest trading partner?

We put more money into the American economy than China. Google it and see for yourself.

The nation of Canada with a population of 34 million, their GDP is $1.2 trillion.

If you want to get the attention of white America and influence real change in this country, be conscious about where you spend you money. Remember, President Calvin Coolidge once stated a truism: "The business of America is business."

OK. The ball is in your court. Influence with your dollars. Peace. I am out.

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