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May 25 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Organization of African Unity/African Union, join the celebration.

This May 25, 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Organization of African Unity/African Union (OA/U) on May 25, 1963 by some of the most enlightened leaders since the enslavement and colonial era of Africa and African people. Under the O/AU 2013 theme of Pan Africanism &the African Renaissance, the African Union is urging Africans everywhere to organize political, cultural, social and economic programs as a tribute to legacy and struggles for the freedom and unity of African people in Africa and across the world. Since its creation, the OAU is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the original center for some of the most ancient people and also is the most enduring nation in the world that has promoted the civilization of the world.

During the 20th ordinary session of the AU assembly in Ethiopia from January 22-28, 2013 under the theme, “Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance” the Chairperson of the AU Commission, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma stated that the theme is to “propel its citizens towards an integrated, people-centred, prosperous Africa at peace with itself.” She continued "Our 50th Commemoration activities must enable us to tell our story: the story of Africa's rich pre-colonial history of great civilizations, its struggles against slavery and colonialism and its process of nation-formation and state-building over the last fifty years." She asserted that the activities should also tell “the story of Africa's rich pre-colonial history of great civilizations, its struggles against slavery and colonialism and its process of nation-formation and state-building over the last fifty years." Using Dr. Nkrumah as a model, Dr. Zuma asserted that “we must as President Nkrumah urged fifty years ago, apply the single-mindedness and strength to achieve the mission of the social and economic liberation of our continent.”
In regards to the African Diaspora Dr. Zuma stated that “It is our view that we should use the anniversary activities to stimulate a continent-wide debate on the importance of the concepts and praxis of Pan Africanism and of the African Renaissance – past, present and future – so as to inform and mobilise the African citizenry and the Diaspora behind the AU vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful continent.”  In the report sent to the AU Commission by the AU Civil and Diaspora Office (CIDO) headed by Dr. Jinmi Adisa, the proposal called for the African Diaspora to the mark anniversary as a campaign to engage Africans at home and abroad for the economic, political, cultural, social upliftment “towards Africa’s complete liberation and prosperity”. Key AU ambassadors such as Her Excellency Madame Ali and His Excellency Antonia Tete have also called for the full mobilization of the Diaspora.
The final push for the full integration of Africa comes as global forces of imperialism are on a full scale economic, cultural politico-military scramble to further divide, plunder and control Africa for its resources. However, our dedication to the Pan African vision is steadfast as reported by Nana Farika Berhane from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that We have started a long journey and we must not give up until we have achieved our goal.” This statement was made from the pre-summit forum consisted of Pan African grassroots leaders representing Africans from across Africa and the Diaspora.
1.      Organize Pan African activities through the month of May 2013 and through May 2014.
2.      Establish “Pan African Task Force 50” in each Diaspora community & organization.
3.      Engage Diaspora task forces for the economic, political and cultural empowerment.
4.      Organize local and global youth public and private programs to promote African culture.
5.      Encourage new leadership for decisive, deliberate and bold advocacy actions globally.
6.      Continue to advocate for the union government of Africa and against the imperialism.
7.      Join WADU and other leaders in Ethiopia this May to promote our Pan African union.

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