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orange juice will be my boycott,  as much as I like it, and any thing else I find come from there, Back in the 1970's  when I visited Miami I was told a story about the blacks during the civil war when the confederates were retreating from the union army about how their slaves joined in with the Indians in the swamp lands there and gave them hell to be overthrown, I was told that even to this very day the blacks there were never forgiven for theses deeds haven taken place there, 

Brothers and Sisters,

Boycotting Florida is OK, but it is not addressing the root cause of Black folks problems in America. Unfortunately, Black folk are easily led astray because we lack leaders with a crystal clear vision of where we want to go and how we are going to get there. In order to do that, we need to understand what we are dealing with as Black folk catching Hell in America.

Boycotting Florida is not attacking the root cause of us catching Hell.

We have marched, picketed, petitioned, pleaded and begged. Hell, we have been praying for centuries for some pie in the sky relief. What have we gained? Civil rights, the voting rights bill and integration.

What has that done to our people and our communities? Destroyed them. 

Our Black businesses have folded because we prefer to spend our hard earned money with whites. Our communities have steadily gone downhill because there are no businesses and our youth are no wanted by white businesses. Even the voting rights bill has been recently watered down. And finally, of course, we have the Zimmerman decision.

We cannot solve our problems until we know what is the root cause of our problems? If we see a child being attacked by an animal, we all know what we must do. However, when we have a society that is attacking our children under the guise helping them, it is more difficult to see.

So, what is the root cause of our problems? Why don't we own anything or control anything? Why are a constant underclass in America, when other immigrants come to this country and in a few generations are doing quite well for themselves?

RACISM. This is the root cause of our problems. Not integration. Not Civil Rights. Not confederate flags. Not White only signs, etc. These are slogans and their removal has had zero impact on our situation. I submit to you, that for Blacks in America, racism is a competitive activity between Blacks and Whites for wealth and power. 

Black folk need to understand that RACISM IS A TEAM SPORT. 

Most Black folk in America are not aware that there is a game being played and we are losing big time. Why? Because we are not focussed on the root cause of our problems.

Racism means having the wealth and power to control what you earn, where you live, what school your children will attend, what foods you will be permitted to eat, where you can travel, etc.

Black folk cannot be racists. Black folk cannot control what whites earn, where they live, what school their children will attend, what foods they will eat, where they may travel, etc. 

So, now that we have our focus on the root cause, where do we start?

Let us start by being part of the solution rather than being part of the problem. Let us be the change we want to see in the world and conduct ourselves with the dignity and integrity our ancestors deserve.

Next, let us all be determined to spend as much of our money as we can with our own people. Did you know that Black people spend 98% of their money with whites and others, while spending only 2% of our money with our own people? 

We wonder why white and others have more than Blacks? Hell, they are living off 100% of their money and 98% of our money! How can they not be more wealthy and powerful than us? We are financing our own destruction by spending our money with our enemies.

What if we all decided to consciously spend $100 per week with a Black business? At 20 million wage earners in America, that's $200 million per week being put back into the Black community!

Think about it, my brothers and sisters. We have the money. We have the skills and expertise. We have the motivation. And now we have the knowledge.

All that is missing is action. The ball is now in your lap. Peace. 

I get then that your answer to the question is nothing - you are not boycotting any Florida product  or services.

In brief, NO. I have no plans to visit Florida or know of any products that come out of Florida that I should boycott.

IMHO we should be focussing our entire energies into the root of our problem, not some side issue that is not addressing that root cause.

The Zimmerman decision was a betrayal and a wake up call to Black America. We can ignore it to our detriment or realize that it is OPEN SEASON ONCE AGAIN ON BLACKS IN AMERICA.

Boycotting Florida will have an economic impact for sure. There is no denying that. But it will do absolutely NOTHING to RACISM, the root of our problems.

Sorry for the long answer, my brother. Peace to you and yours.


I too am not going to Florida.

I am going to the supermarket.

I will not but oranges and oranges juices.

It may not, in my opinion "have an economic impact", however, will I use my money to support "RACISM" or support and empower the intentions of my brothers and sisters.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott succeeded only because of the support of even people who were skeptical.

What's there to do if not that?

Support that which I am against?

I'm boycotting anything that is produced in Florida, I even made a blog post about it. Our only power (or safe power) right now is our economic power. As you stated the Montgomery Bus Boycott only succeeded because people supported in mass and money was loss. The bus company nor legislators "decided" racism was wrong, it was the loss of the almighty dollar that lead to the end of bus segregation.

   And so it will be again. Black life is not valued in this country and several murders and shootings including Roy Middleton, Israel Hernandez, Jordan Davis, Johnathan Ferrell,- all unarmed black men have occurred since Trayvon Martin's death. Only if the pain of lost revenue is felt will laws and attitudes change.

  So I'm boycotting all Florida based companies, including Burger King, Darden Restaurants Inc ( Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc) Ruth Cris, Publix Supermarkets, Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics,, and more.


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