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I choose to forgive and free myself to move forward.

The act of forgiveness is a conscious choice to let go, to move past feelings of resentment, and to move forward in light and love. Holding on to unforgiveness is like carrying a bucket of stones. With each step the bucket seems to get heavier and heavier until it is exhausting to bear.
Choosing a quiet time and place, I examine the stones of unforgiveness that fill my bucket. One by one, I take them out, lay them aside and release them to God. Without the stones of unforgiveness and resentment, I move freely and can now use the bucket to gather flowers of light, peace and freedom. I choose to forgive and release to remain free of resentment.

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. --Matthew 6:12

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Some acts are unforgivable. We should not even try to forgive those.

Who is the "we" you are taking about when you say "We should not even try to forgive those"?

I am talking about those of us who have been enslaved, oppressed, segregated, lynched, murdered for the color of our skins, and are still, even today, being killed unjustly. I have tried to forgive these people, as well as those who have benefitted from our oppression and those who still are denying it, but I find that I cannot.

Forgiveness is not for them.
Forgiveness is for oneself.
Forgiveness is the gift, the grace one gives oneself.
Forgiveness is the privilege to live one's life free of resentment.
Resentment kills the resent-er while the the resented goes free,
it is like drinking poison and hoping that someone else die.
Forgive and be free.

I agree with you in every respect concerning the results of forgiveness. I have trouble, nevertheless, in getting there. Do you have any advice on how one goes about forgiving the perpetrators of mass genocide? Especially when their descendants are even now reaping the rewards of their ancestors' actions while denying that these actions ever happened?

Thanks for engaging in this conversation.
Are you available for a phone conversation - mornings, M-F up to 2pm Pacific Time?

Thank you, Kwasi, for your offer, but I am reluctant to give out my phone number to someone who is basically a stranger.  Please forgive my suspicious nature.  I would, however, appreciate any thoughts you may wish to impart by writing to me in this column.

I have begun meditating again in the hopes that this will help me to see more clearly.

Again, thank you so much for your caring nature.


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