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Announcing the Launching of Rasta Ganja Global Ltd., an Indigenous Rastafari Company for Commercialization of Sacramental Ganja

“No nation can divide within itself and remain powerful…To meet together, to take council with one another and to act in mutual cooperation, has proved a most fruitful method, both in secular and spiritual fields. Henceforth the way is open to follow this path…" (H.I.M. Emperor Haile Sellassie I)


“Glory to Word, Glory to Sound, Glory to Power; Glory to H.I.M. Emperor Haile Sellassie I!”

“All Praises unto the Most Blessed, Empress Menen Asfaw!”

You are invited to a Press Launch:


Rasta Ganja Global Ltd. - “GET UP STAND UP”  Press Event! 

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 

@ Trench Town Multipurpose Center

10 - 18 Fifth Street

Kingston 12


From 11:00am – 2:00pm.






You are invited to the launch of the Rasta Ganja Global Ltd. company the premier Rastafari Indigenous Ganja Company focusing on the Research, Development and Commercialization of Sacramental Ganja and Industrial Hemp for the moral, spiritual and economic benefit of the Rastafari Indigenous Communities.  Appropriately the first Ganja titled company registered in Jamaica and South Africa on September 11th, 2015. 

The Sacramental industry is a global multi-billion dollar industry that provides religious goods and services for respective communities to engage their spiritual beliefs within their lives.  Respecting the ‘temple’ as the worship space, the home and the body and for general protection in their respective daily lives, the Ganja Sacrament is eaten, drank, smoked, burned, worn to protect health, strength and wealth in service to the Spiritual God Head His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie 1st, Jah Rastafari.  The ‘Healing of the Nation’ is engaged in the pure untampered ‘Ital’ state. 

Sacramental Ganja is pure Cannabis Sativa Ganja that has no additives and grown under spiritually clean conditions.  This has been identified as ‘Ital’ that reflects all the food, drink, clothing and thoughts that epitomize the Rastafari cultural livity as radiating close to the Alpha & Omega energy in daily life.

 Rasta Ganja Global is led by the Priests of the Rastafari Faith who are master growers/farmers and philosophers and acts under approbation from the ‘Church’.  The faithful members of the Rastafari Community are national and global and coming from under the oppression of the colonial State policies as a African centered culture for the use of the Sacrament Ganja.  The formalization of the value of Sacramental Ganja over the past century and more is being gathered.

It is now the position of this current administration under Prime Minister Andrew Holness that the ‘Church/Priests’ of Rastafari must be foremost in the administration of the Sacramental/Cultural rights, where the vast Intellectual Property and Branding must be protected.  This where international companies such as Marley Natural/Bob Marley Estate, Stony Hill/Damian Marley and Peter Tosh 420 have been registered and are trading.  The Church/Priests Indigenous Rights will be engaged while the relevant papers will be presented to the Parliament.  First in line will be the Haile Selassie 1st Royal Judah Coptic Church, who has a history of engagement with the Parliament since 1981 and was beneficially negotiating with former Prime Minister Michael Manley. 

Consultations with the Ganja Sub-Committee, Minister of Justice, the CLA and the Office Of The Prime Minister have reached an optimum stage for the company to present itself publicly to entertain wider national and international Community support and integration.  The company is registered in South Africa as a main entity to employ the benefits of the Jamaica/South Africa Bilateral on Nutraceuticals and Indigenous Knowledge Holders systems and benefication and has developed a ‘RASPECT’ Public Relations campaign that will be launched in both countries. 

The company is also aligned with the Revival Traditional Healers Church and the Maroon Councils in Trelawny and Charles Town Ganja developments who along with the Rastafari are twinned with similar Indigenous community structures in South Africa and will be hosting the East ‘Ganja’ Fest brand early spring 2017. 

The Company is operated with the Rastafari Intellectual Property Authority/Act as also the RasTafari Trust Fund governed under the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council Ltd. (EADUMC) 

The governing Directors are: 

Hon. Neville O. Livingston OJ CD (Ras Bunny Wailer) - Nyahbinghi Ancient Council

Binghi Irie Lion (Priest William Holmes) - Nyahbinghi Ancient Council

Ras Bongo Leo (Priest Leo Baxter) - Nyahbinghi Ancient Council

Priest Enoch Brown - Ethio Africa Black International Congress

Priest Wesley Kelly - Haile Selassie Royal Ethiopian Coptic Church

Ras Denroy Morgan - Abrahamic Ministries

Maxine Stowe - EADUMC Ltd.


For further information contact:

Robert ‘Prophet Greg’ Mogg - 826-0045

Rudolph ‘Ras Kremlin’ Bailey - 482-7571

Maxine Stowe - 850-4403

One Perfect Love!
Rastafari Millennium Council
Kingston Jamaica

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