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By  | They make up only 3 percent of the population but 27 per cent of prisoners in this wonderful country. A large number of indigenous Australians live in remote communities where the opportunities for jobs and a decent life escapes them. They are, in the main, greatly underpaid and overlooked by Company CEO's and are at the bottom of the pack as far as public interest is concerned.

Big mining Companies and white owned businesses are accused of rarely employing them if others are available. This leads to unrest and criminal activities and most of all alcoholic intoxication. Some take their own lives and the suicide rate among young aborigines is rising. While it is not suggested that companies are responsible for creating this situation the victims of such prejudice are seeking justice and more inclusion.

So what can be done to address the problem? With governments unable to properly assess their situation and white communities unwilling to take them on it would seem that not much will alter.

This is not unique to Australia but is an attitude towards indigenous societies globally. It may be because of the basic education of western systems that is lacking in them that they are unable to promote themselves as worthwhile employees.

As a student of anthropology the study of the first Australians exposed these symptoms. Their culture, which they are rightfully keen to maintain, is not based on science or even numerical activities. Before white settlement they had never heard of them and without a calendar or ability to calculate numbers they are already fighting an uphill battle.

In their native societies such people depend on the signs of the year to tell time. They have never been used to clocks or the segmentation of the hours of the days, weeks, or even years. While many are now educated to Western ways the inbuilt reluctance to overturn their culture shines through when employers look at them as prospective workers.

Many of the aborigines are still inclined to go walk-about with members of their mob and, in the past, have walked off jobs to do it. This has put many employees off contemplating them as potential workers.

Western systems are based on time and how it forms a tool for taxation and governments. In cultures where no such organised exploitation of members occurs those who are caught in them because of western invasion have other problems to deal with as well.

It is obvious that they are resentful that their lives have been hampered with things they are unable to explain. Their expected rise to the new order is not only something that opposes them mentally but that which hinders their protection of country. This is a spiritual thing within them that they can't easily overcome.

Following my reincarnation my link to the Universal Spirit is strong and not something I can surrender. That places me in a position to understand that which is within all native people who have been 'hooked' to it from birth and where no outside influence severed it.

It is something beyond imagination for those who are governed by so-called civilisation. As routines and commitments to earning money, and so on, rob most of their spirituality it is in the untouched native tribes of countries like Australia, the Americas, Africa, and Asia that the pull to serve it first remains.

It is the disruption to their spirituality that many cannot overcome. What right, therefore, have members of the establishment that is ruled by time and money have to expect they can survive this. Depression and suicide is an outcome created by loss and a feeling of extreme loneliness within when the Spirit is removed or the link to it is severed.

Native people are not the only ones who feel this as many in white societies are driven by the same set of circumstances towards the same outcome.

Norma Holt identified the Spiritual Children, who are those whom God has selected to grow in spirit throughout the course of the day. They have been stolen by the work of 666 and belief in heaven and hell while ignoring their spiritual connection.

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