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Motown Black & White Exhibit at the Grand Rapids African American Museum & Artifacts (GRAMMA) in Cooperation with the Devos Center for the Performing Arts

Celebrate the “Sound of Young America” through the archival lens of Motown’s legendary press officer, Al Abrams. The MB&W exhibit features enlarged framed Motown photographs, gowns and other items relevant to one of the most recognizable and iconic record labels in the world. MB&W is exhibiting May 2 through May 30 at GRAAMA (Grand Rapids African American Museum & Artifacts located at 87 Monroe Center Street.

GRAMMA is hosting a public MB&W conversation and Q&A with Nancy Abrams, wife of the late Al Abrams, from 5:00 – 7:00 PM on May 2 prior to the evening’s debut of Motown: The Musical at the Devos Center for the Performing Arts.

GRAAMA is sponsoring a Motown: The Musical fundraiser on Friday, May 5. Please contact GRAAMA at 616.540.2943 for Information and ticket availability.

Motown was made in Detroit … exported to the World … and became its own music genre. MB&W is based upon Abrams’ highly acclaimed book, Hype & Soul: Behind The Scenes At Motown (Pub. 2011). Abrams’ follow-up book entitled, High On Soul: Tell Me Its Just A Rumor Berry (Scheduled Pub. 2017-18) is an incredible personal and poignant conclusion to what Abrams felt to be the untold historic music label’s private storylines amidst the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement.

“I wrote a Motown manuscript more than fifty-plus years ago upon leaving Motown. It will be interspersed into High On Soul. As Motown’s press liaison, it was my job to protect Berry Gordy, the artists and the label from publicity that might be less than flattering. I was a multi-tasker as I also had to create the “hype” behind the spin. Branding Motown and its artists on a segregated dance floor was challenging. “The Detroit Sound” and “The Sound of Young America” helped teenagers to re-imagine a dance floor where skin color no longer mattered.

Al Abrams, 2014

If you would like more information about the MB&W Collection & Exhibit, Al Abrams or an interview with Nancy Abrams regarding Al Abrams’ upcoming book, High On Soul: Tell Me It’s Just A Rumor Berry, please contact Ally Hutka at 313.600.5431 or email at

MotownBlackWhite-WEG llc
Ally Hutka

Grand Rapids, MI, April 29, 2017 --( 

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