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"Our children don't care how much we know until they know how much we care."

VOLUME 3                                                                                            APRIL 2012

The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (
knows we have all the resources to improve the quality of life and
learning for our young generation.  We focus on community outreach (both
on the streets and online
collaboration building and youth engagement to consistently connect more
of our children, TEENS and young adults to more resources every day.

applying a combination of live events, media and online communication
tools, we've been able to engage, encourage and enrich our youth, and
generate more awareness and support for many wonderful youth-serving
individuals and organizations.

If you're a youth resource, we'd like to connect and promote your wonderful works; please click here to complete and return this form via email ( or fax (718.855.2411).


NBTEE is building youth movements in communities and cities across the
country.  Each youth movement is a coalition of concerned community
members, along with community and youth groups, who are willing to work
as one for our children, and with our teens and  young adults, to build
better tomorrow and brighter futures every day.  Today, youth movements
exist in Detroit, Brooklyn (NYC) and Baltimore, and we're partnering
with great  souls like Sheila Ferguson of Rising Star Music Awards ( and Kymm Barnett of The Youth Talent Expo (,
to launch new youth movements in Atlanta and Los Angeles later this
year.  If you're in the Atlanta or Los Angeles areas, and want to learn
more about these new youth movements, please call Ms. Ferguson at
951.685.3552, or Ms. Barnett at 404.610.8744.  Also check out their
websites to learn more about their respective initiatives that we're
bringing to other communities, and, most of all, please support their
wonderful works.

This newsletter now reaches more
than 36,000 supporters, most of whom work with youth, and care about
our communities of children. We're also connecting to thousands more via
a strong social media and online presence.  Make sure to become our
next best Facebook friend on Youth Pages (400+ members) and The Better Detroit Youth Movement groups (1,400+ members).

The truth is we are
all youth resources.  We all have time, talent or treasure to invest in
our children. The greater truth is there is no “youth” without “you”. 
That's why the NBTEE's work now and today is how we can come together to work together tomorrow to build brighter futures for our children every day and always.  Together,
let's prove we have all the resources to improve the quality of life
and learning for our children, teens and young adults!


The National Youth Resource Network

if there was one place we could all go to access a variety of programs,
activities, opportunities and events for children, teens and young
Launching later this year, The National Youth Resource Network
is a new website that features a variety of youth-serving individuals
and youth-serving organizations -- including our existing youth
movements in Detroit, Brooklyn (NYC) and Baltimore, and upcoming youth
movements in Atlanta and Los Angeles.  As we continue to add content to
the site and build the brand, it will become an important online
directory to consistently consolidate vital information that can help
more children achieve in school and succeed in life.



Please become of a member of The National Youth Resource Network by signing up today at


also need volunteers to spend a few hours each week posting resources
to this website. Email us at if you'd like to help,
with our great gratitude.


Scholarship Information

Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation is unique in that it offers
scholarships to single mothers, children who attend alternative schools,
students who have earned a GED, students with grade point averages of
2.0 and students who have previously been incarcerated, etc., but want
to pursue a higher educational opportunity. This group is generally not
the recipients of college scholarships and is typically ignored by the
Board / Department of Education.

Shawn Carter Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to any
under-served student across the United States who desires a higher
education. One of the key questions asked by the Foundation when
students apply for a scholarship is: What are your plans to give back to
the community?  Click here to apply today.


And since we receive alot of requests for scholarship information, here's a partial listing of scholarships to help more students reach their dreams of higher education.

And if you'd like to bring a scholarship fair to your city, please reach out to our partner, Infinite Scholars (


The Better Detroit Youth Movement

its fifth year, The Better Detroit Youth Movement is a non-profit
coalition of great groups and incredible individuals committed to
working together to improve the quality of life and learning for
Detroit's young generation.

On June 29th, from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m., we'll be hosting "The Better Detroit Youth Job Summit",
at Bert's Warehouse. Set up for the event will take place between 10:00
a.m. and noon to accomodate the large number of participating
businesses and attendees. This should be an opportunity for youth,
primarily middle school to college aged, to explore topics related to
obtaining employment and interviewing for jobs. This will also be an
opportunity for prospective employers to speak with a large number of
individuals concerned about the community and prospects for employment.
For more information or to RSVP, email We
are looking to create a paradigm shift whereby youth are encouraged and
hopeful of their futures. We believe that employment opportunities would
go a long way toward that perspective.

We’re also hosting The Fourth Annual Detroit Scholarship Fair,
at Cobo Hall, on September 25th. If you’d like to learn more or
participate in this powerful event that awards free college scholarships
to deserving high school students, or be an event sponsor, call Jay at
313.350.0697. And let’s make sure our juniors and seniors start
preparing now.

All smiles at a recent event are attorneys Lynda White and Aisa Villarosa-Berg with the BDYM's Youth Mentor Bill Pointer, and Youth Advisors Marteise Shelton, Lanita Carter, Jessica Higgs and Sharona Dorsey-Walker.
Lynda is Director of The ARK Non-Violence Program, and Aisa is Founder
of the 313 Project and a member of The Michigan Children's Law Center.

The Better Detroit Youth Movement’s G.L.O.W. (Girls Leaning on Women)
program consists of professional women within the BDYM coalition who
are dedicated to providing positive role models, motivation and
resources for young ladies. To address the HIV/AIDS and STD epidemic
affecting African American adolescent females, G.L.O.W will implement
SIHLE (Sisters Informing Healing Living and Empowering), a peer-led,
social-skills training intervention aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk
behaviors among African American teenage females, ages 14 to 18. The
training consists of four sessions (three-hours each), delivered by two
peer facilitators (ages 18 to 21) and adult facilitators in a
community-based setting. The sessions are designed for 10 to -12 African
American teenage females. The sessions are gender-specific, culturally
relevant and include behavioral skills practice, group discussions,
lectures, role-playing, and take-home exercises.

are currently seeking peer facilitators to deliver this powerful
training. For more info, call Cynthera McNeil at 734.560.2632.

BDYM is also hard at work on a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative to
provide participating youth with information related to:
  • Risk vs. non risk behaviors that transmit infections
  • Facts about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and prevention
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Abstinence and/or Refusal skills
  • Communication with family members, other trusted adults and peers about sexual decisions and potential consequences
  • Identifying, avoiding and escaping risky sexual situations
  • Setting personal limits
  • Methods for reducing risk of STIs and pregnancy
  • Legal, financial, health, social, and emotional consequences of sex
  • Positive relationship building skills with friends and family

are seeking volunteers, parents, community organizations and students
to join our team, and assist in developing activities and providing
mentors for and to  our youth.  For more information contact Rae @
313.732.7470 or



the BDYM would like to acknowledge Brianna Moore for her valuable
contributions to the organization.  Brianna is a 21-year-old student and
freelance journalist.  She's also an arts and culture reporter for The Michigan Citizen, a member of our G.L.OW. team, and an important part of several Better Detroit News media projects.


currently completing her Bachelors Degree from The University of
Michigan Dearborn, and continues to make a difference in Detroit by
using her journalistic skills to inform and enrich communities and



continue nurturing her wonderful talents, Brianna is currently seeking a
mentor in the journalism field who can assist her with gathering career
ideas and guide her in the right direction so she sets realistic
goals.  Please email us at if you can help. 
She and we thank you in advance.

The Better Brooklyn Youth Movement

The Better Brooklyn Youth Movement (BBYM) is pleased to partner with The Gang Diversion, Reentry, And Absent Fathers Intervention Centers of New York City (GRAAFICS), an innovative, powerful non-profit group that is empowering students, schools, families and communities.


created to serve as a 'port-of-exit' for young men genuinely interested
in discontinuing negative or criminal behavior.  It assists current
gang members, former gang members, the incarcerated, the formerly
incarcerated, and absent fathers with reforming the attitudes and
behaviors that directly contribute to unhealthy, counterproductive


mission of the GRAAFICS program is to decrease criminal activity,
recidivism and absent fathering by providing positive 'real-time'
alternatives for people genuinely interested in change.


organization visualizes helping children by helping 'fathers' become
more responsible; helping ex-offenders' by providing healthy
alternatives to reoffending; helping gang members by providing a safe
'out' that will lead to more productive lives; and helping the community
by changing the way our participants think, process and approach


This September, GRAAFICS will be in more than 110 schools throughout NYC.  With
life skills enrichment programs for disruptive, “at-risk” students
during school hours, GRAAFICS provides personal attention and better
outcomes for these young men and women, and, at the same time, is
ensuring teachers can better focus on teaching and students can better
focus on learning.  GRAAFICS also delivers powerful evening programs for
young fathers, current and former gang members and ex-offenders, and is
providing valuable, viable opportunities for these populations when
there often are few, if any.

featured on ABC’s “Here and Now”, GRAAFICS uses familiar street life
situations to produce 'real time' alternatives that have proven
effective in saving lives. Click these images to watch the show:


GRAAFICS services
include gang diversion, bullying, reentry, fatherhood, life skills,
etiquette, mentoring, employment, education, anger management,
pre-release, etc. 

For a complete list of its services, visit, and for a visual of what GRAAFICS is accomplishing in schools, visit


BBYM and GRAAFICS are currently producing a series of films we believe
can change the ways our communities support children.  One of our
segments will capture the lives of young gang members, offer us insight
about why young men (and young women) join gangs, and address the desire
of many young "gang bangers" to lead more positive and productive lives
if provided opportunities (and options) to so do.


We'd like to give a BIG thanks to Alvin of Hawk Finn Productions (
for generously donating a video camera to our film project.  If you
have any video production needs, please consider using his company to
exceed them.

BBYM and GRAAFICS are planning to host a series of youth empowerment
events (one in each NYC borough) to give our young men and women an
opportunity to speak about their challenges and concerns, let them know
there are many of us who are here to help them overcome their
circumstances and “the system”, and provide valuable resources to help
them better their lives. Email us to learn more about and take part in
these events.

GRAAFICS is hiring motivational speakers and classroom training faciltators.  Resumes should be emailed to



We'd like to thank the We Are All Brooklyn team for hosting a powerful youth forum at Brooklyn College.  Check out
to learn more about this diverse group of community and faith-based
leaders, and many others, coming together to build young leaders and a
better borough.

the goal of creating more awareness and support for the many wonderful
youth resources in and around Brooklyn, and consistently connecting them
to our children and those who care about their well-being, the Better
Brooklyn Youth Movement ( hosts “Our Communities, Our Children”,
a radio show airing on WBCR (90.3 FM) and on
every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST. If you’re a youth or community
resource, and would like to be a show guest, email us at .


still seeking a few more individuals to serve as Better Brooklyn Youth
Movement Board Members.  If you’d like to learn more, email us at

Limited space is still available for Medgar Evers College Summer Camp,
for 6th to 9th graders.  Call 718.804.8895 or 718.804.8806.  MEC is
also hiring camp counselors, academic instructors, sports instructors to
help run the camp
.  Email your resume to

The Better Baltimore Youth Movement

Better Baltimore Youth Movement is a growing membership-based
organization currently in search of a Director willing to work on a
quarterly stipend basis (with full-time salary potential) to carry out
our daily operations and put us on a fast track to achieving our overall
goals and mission.  The stipend is negotiable ($300-$1,500) depending
on level of experience. Must be polished, communicative and media ready
to represent the face of our progressive work.  If you are a suitable
candidate, or know of one, please visit,
and forward your resume/profile information to   If interested you will be contacted for
an in person career-briefing.  Referrals are appreciated.


are also partnering with Infinite Sholars ( to
host The 1st Baltimore Scholarship Fair later this year.  To learn more,
please email us at

For Our Daughters:  A Powerful, Inspiring Documentary

Our Daughters is a new, must-see, much-needed documentary that shares
stories of resilience, wisdom and a deep-rooted concern for today’s
Black girls and young women who are faced with the task of growing up
and overcoming a sexist, racially-challenged society.

many young Black girls face mounting misconceptions of beauty, and
challenges of self esteem and self worth. A precious resource, our
daughters are future mothers and the first and most important teachers
of future children.



Our Daughters offers an aspect of Black women that we rarely get to see
in most of today’s misguiding media. This film shreds and dismantles
the stereotypical images of Black women that our daughters are bombarded
with daily, and provides us a way to balance their perspectives and
buoy their souls.

important documentary by our good friend and great filmmaker, Eric
McKay, is truly an education and blessing for our daughters.  Please
click the image above to visit the website and purchase your DVD to
share with the wonderful young women in your life. (When you buy the DVD
using the above link, a donation will be made to the NBTEE). 


Let's Make Black History Every Day !

Pick up your daily source of knowledge at
with this 12-month wall calendar that highlights an event in Black
History everyday! One of the goals of this resource is to inspire,
uplift and educate all youth. People of all races, ages and backgrounds
will find this unique resource to be both fun and educational! 12"x12",
full of facts and full of fun - it makes a perfect gift to enhance any
home or office.

calendar was developed by Jamaal Brown, a 29-year-old Southern
California native who has spent the past 16 years conducting serious
self-directed African/Black studies scholarship Jamaal graduated from
Lancaster High School (as its first-ever African American
valedictorian), was accepted to eight universities and received a full
academic scholarship to CSU, Long Beach where he received a degree in
Business Management: Information Systems.

The highlight of
Jamaal’s studies comes in the form of the 365 Days of Black Facts
Calendar that he created to highlight an event in our history everyday: www.Black365.US
Also, as a result of his studies, he now provides interactive
power-point lectures (a partial list of speaking topics can be found at

He also created and hosts a community event, the Black365 Knowledge
Bowl - a Jeopardy-style quiz competition among competing high school
students. Check out (click here to read The Los Angeles Times article about the event:

According to Jamaal, "The Creator and my ancestors keep me focused." 
He always welcomes opportunities to collaborate, create synergies and
uplift communities. You can learn more about this powerful brother on
the rise at, and reach out to him directly at  661.609.8193.

How You Can Help The NBTEE

be greatly grateful if you'd consider: 1) sharing this newsletter with
your family and friends; 2) participating in or starting up a youth
movement where you live; 3) alerting us to youth resources, programs,
events or activities; and, 4) advertising in this newsletter to support
our urgent efforts to connect more youth to more resources, more often.


And, together, we will help more of our children believe, achieve and suceed.


Shop, Save & Support

Here's an easy way to save money just about everywhere you shop, and help the NBTEE:  just sign up for The ClubCard National Discount Shopping Program
that donates $10 to the NBTEE for every new member. Your annual
ClubCard membership is $29.99, and if you enter promo code "PM13",
you'll receive a free $25.00 gift card from


Thank you for your support!


Special Report: Closing The Gaps

National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo is always actively discussing,
determining and delivering better ways to reach and teach our children.

know what’s not working, and we know we can no longer risk doing the
same thing the same way if we expect to better tomorrows and brighten

Thus, we’re pleased to share the findings of a new report entitled A Crisis in Our Community: Closing The Five Achievement Gaps
written by Jeffrey A. Hassan, Esq. and Eric Mahmoud, and published by
The Twin Cities African American Leadership Forum's Education and Life
Long Learning Work Group. This report unravels and demystifies what
needs to be done. It provides a road map based upon clear and
irrefutable evidence of what works as demonstrated in practices at
Harvest Preparatory School and other high performing schools throughout
the country.


Click here to read this insightful report, and let us know what you think.


Now, let’s give a shout out to some of our wonderful supporters:
  The Wendy’s High School Heisman (WHSH) Award program is now accepting applicants for its 2012 class.


2012 class will join the more than 305,000 esteemed alumni who have
demonstrated a commitment to academic achievement, community service
involvement, leadership and accomplishments in the athletic arena.


Eligible students can apply at for a chance to earn the honored title of WHSH and “Like” WHSH on Facebook at to
receive program updates and to connect with alumni. Students can also
contact their high school principal, guidance counselor or athletic
director for more information.


national finalists and their families will receive an all-expenses-paid
trip to New York City where they will attend and be recognized at the
official Heisman ceremony.  Winners – one male student and one female
student – will be honored with the WHSH Award during a national ESPN
telecast and receive $10,000 for their school, as well as a $500 Wendy’s
gift card. 


What are you waiting for? Apply today!

Design is a Black Youth Empowerment Enterprise all about helping our
children find purpose, so they grow proud of their accomplishments, and
have the power to improve not only themselves, but our communities.

with young, talented graphic designers, we create custom RBG tee-shirts
called “UniTees”. Every UniTee celebrates our beautiful culture in
style. And every UniTee has a message so you can wear something that
means something.

can be customized for special events and causes, and are great for
group or school fundraising efforts. To learn more, call

Check out our newest designs at today, and support Black Youth Empowerment every day!




"When a young person takes The Educational Pledge, we make a promise to help him or her achieve in school and succeed in life!"

The Educational Pledge Partnership is
based on the literary works of Puerto Rican poet / writer Alberto O.
Cappas. The Educational Pledge has been widely published in local
publications and utilized by many New York City schools and community
groups, as well as throughout the country.  We encourage children and
teens to take the pledge, and then we'll fulfill a promise to help them
by providing information, resources and contacts for college and higher
learning access, financial aid, and positive personal, social and
professional self-development tools.


Check out The Educational Pledge's great books and merchandise at




are receiving this newsletter because you’re a friend of The National
Youth Resource Network, The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo, The
Better Detroit Youth Movement, The Better Baltimore Youth Movement, The
Better Brooklyn Youth Movement, UniTee Design (or one of our partners /
supporters).  If you’d like to unsubscribe, click here Unsubscribe / Change Profile.




you for being an important part of the progress.  Together, we will
build better communities for our children, and brighter futures for our
people and planet!

Copyright © 2011 / 2012 The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo





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