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History of Pan-Africanism I

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Course Description & Syllabus

This History of Pan-Africanism Course is the first in a multi-sequence course based mostly on the forthcoming 7-volume book Pan-Africanism Revisited: A Neshni-centric and critical History by Chinweizu. The course, like the book, is an Inquiry into why Pan-Africanism failed in the 20th c. and into how to make it succeed in the 21st c. It is an investigative history as well as an applied history course. It isn’t just going to tell the story of Pan-Africanism. It will do so in a way that reveals insights and lessons to be applied in solving present problems so as to result in liberation for the Black race.

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Course Title: History of Pan-Africanism I

Weekly Themes:

Week 1: What is Pan-Africanism? An overview

Pan-Africanism since the 1440s: the main phases and tendencies; issues of nomenclature and illegitimate projects.

(Study material: “Pan-Africanism Revisited--Prologue” by Chinweizu)

Week 2: Did 20th c. Pan-Africanism succeed or fail?

(Study material: “Pan-Africanism Revisited--Prologue” by Chinweizu)

Week 3: Why did it Fail? Key factors: (a) Lack of stocktaking and (b) Junk ideas

(a) Lack of stocktaking

Since 1937, when Garvey issued his report card on what the UNIA achieved from 1917 to 1937, no stock-taking has been done in Pan-Africanism. No stocktaking has been reported done at any of the Pan-African Congresses relating the current situation to the aims and projects of the founder conference of 1900, discussing how much had been achieved, how much was still outstanding, and whether or not they were still on course etc. Consequently, Pan-Africanists are unaware of their great failure, having accomplished only 21% of the agenda projects set for them by the 1900 conference.

Junk ideas (b1)

The name ‘African’ was adopted in ignorance of Africa’s relevant geography.

The use, in 1900, of the term ‘African’ in the name “Pan-Africanism” was an innocent error that later inadvertently opened a loophole for Continentalism.

(Study material: “Afrocentric or Neshnicentric”; “Pan-Africanism Revisited—Prologue”; “The CIAS/OAU definition of African”)

Week 4: Key Factors: Junk ideas (b2)

Continentalism: CUGN was a mission impossible

(Study material: “CUGN 1”)

Weeks 5 & 6: More junk ideas:

Balkanization—a pseudo-problem; and Continental Union Government Now, CUGN, a dangerous pseudo solution for Balkanization

(Study materials: “Balkanization”; “Is Continental Union Government necessary for the total liberation of Black Africa?”)

Week 7: Even more junk ideas:

African High Command was a fraud

(Study materials: “African High Command”)

Week 8: The way to succeed in 21st c.: Make two key changes

Change the project from African Unity to Black Power/Abibitumi;

Also change nomenclature: from African to Neshni

These two changes will morph African Unity Pan-Africanism into

Black Power/Abibitumi Pan-Neshnism

(Study material:” The Essential Garvey”; “Afrocentric or Neshnicentric”)

To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit:


Course Duration: 8 weeks ; 120 mins per class session

Study materials extra: 10 texts @ $5 each= $50

Time of Day: 1400-1600 GMT

Promo Lecture: “What Slave Trade—Reply to Skip Gates” by Chinweizu

Date of Promo Lecture: Saturday, 04jan2017

Course Cost: $195 + $50 for course texts

Lecturer Pix and Biodata (Supplied)

Course Materials-–each by Chinweizu

(10 texts)

1 “Pan-Africanism Revisited—Prologue”

2 “Afrocentric or Neshnicentric”

3 “Afrocentric Rectification of terms 5”

4 “Political Biology of Racism”

5 “Niggerism and the Psychopathologies of the Race War”

6 “African High Command”

7 “Balkanization”

8 “CUGN 1”

9. “Is Continental Union Government necessary for the total liberation of Africa?”

10. “The Essential Garvey”

To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit:

Chinweizu is a Black Power Pan-Africanist. He has had a lifelong commitment to the redemption of the Black Race. After his education in Mathematics (MIT) and History (SUNY/Buffalo), he chose to make his contribution by way of scholarship combined with public political education through journalism. He promotes the ideology of Neo-Garveyism, and advocates the creation of Garvey’s United States of Black Africa, USBA, an economic and military superpower that will serve as the core state (leader and protector) of the Black race, of black people wherever they may be in the world; just like China and Japan are the core states of the Yellow Race; and the USA and Russia are the core states of the White Race.

His published books include The West and the Rest of Us (1975); Invocations and Admonitions (1986); Decolonising the African Mind (1987); Voices from Twentieth-Century Africa (1988); Anatomy of Female Power (1990); Caliphate Colonialism: The Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria (2015).

Because of his poor and declining health, he is praying to the gods and ancestors for just enough time to complete his last batch of Black Redemptionist works:

1. Pan-Africanist Wisdom, 1791-2013: selection from Pan-Africanist thinkers since Boukman;

2. Ubuntology: Groundwork for the Intellectual Autonomy of the Black World;

3. Pan-Africanism Revisited, 1442-2002: A Neshni-centric History;

4. On Niggerology: Investigations into the origin and possible cures for the Neshni-induced Nigger Mentality that’s the bane of the Black race.


5. the Definitive Edition of The West and the Rest of Us, 1415-1991.

In 2014 he received a Silverbird Lifetime Achievement Award.

To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit:

SOURCE: Obadele Kambon PhD

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