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There is nothing wrong with "our people" that's not wrong with me - I am my people.

There is nothing wrong with "our people" that's not wrong with me.
My people are perfect just the way they are and the way they are not.
In order to see the good and the perfection in your people is to see the good and perfection yourself (MYSELF).
There is nothing wrong with "our people" that's not wrong with me.
There is nothing wrong with my people that's not wrong with me.
I am my people.
When I see the good and the perfection in myself I will likewise see the good and the perfection in my people - and all people.

I am the first person in OUR and WE.
And, our chain is as strong as the first link - I.

I am my people.
When I see the good and the perfection in myself I will likewise see the good and the perfection in my people - and all people.

As I lift up myself everyone will be lifted up.

And, I will not talk about what's wrong with "OUR PEOPLE or THEM" until I am able to embrace Me in My mirror.

I am the first person in We.
If not me then who?

~Kwasi Akyeampong

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Amen. We are the solution. Knowledge of self and our ancestors is the key to regaining perspective about our current state of affairs and what the immediate future holds in store for us. Keep up the good work of challenging us to think about these important issues. Peace.

We is not the solution.
I am the solution.
Every thing begins with I.
With out I there is no you, we and them.

We have been well trained to wait for the crowd our the messiah or the perfect circumstances before taking action.


We sit around complaining about what we should or should not do while doing nothing.

A leader does not require of his followers that which he does not require of himself.

So before one points out what "we" should do.
One should ask, WHAT AM "I" DOING?

"To (I) thine own self be true and thou (I) can't be false to no man".

I love this. Had to read it twice. Nothing will happen unless we decide that all the issues we see are ours to deal with.

No. Got to stop hiding behind "we".
"We" will not do squat that I am not doing.
I is the first person in we.
We will not act unless I act.

Without I there is nothing.

I agree. :)

"I" am on this team and as  long as "I" am on this team "I" will not let the 21st century roll "Us" up like sleeping bags when "I" know that "we" can perform better than what "we" are doing.

It is all for 1 and one for all. No man is an island. 

The "We is not the solution. I am the solution" premise severely understimates the dynamic properties of majority rule.

In real-time we live in a society and culture where those breaking down walls of separation are outnumbered by those that don't know our history enough to break down walls of separation.

What your "I" premise failed to take into account and consideration is that we live in a society where the perception of the majority rule. The few of us that know will not be spared because in a society where majority rules, when the wagon comes, "we" all go.

It is because of the dynamic properties of perception by majority rule that "I" advise African Americans to prepare for elimination and replacement because it is a fatal error for"I", "You", "we" or any of "us" to under estimate or dismiss the dynamic properties of perception by majority rule.

The dynamic properties of majority rule strongly evidences that what "you" have accomplished or achieved as a African American in "your" personal endeavors is very fine and well but because we live in a society where majority rules what "you" have accomplished or achieved is grossly overshadowed by the accomplishments of "your" majority.

The accomplishments of the majority in this case refers to the majority of African Americans.

In this society and culture where majority rule, what "I" or "you" have accomplished holds very little worth in the overall perception of African Americans.

For example:
If you stood across the street in front of your well manicured lawn and residence while directly on the other side of the street 10 African Americans were drinking, using drugs, double parking, dropping garbage, playing loud music and using profanity where subsequently the police was called, after rounding up the 10 African Americans it is not unusual for a police officer to ask his Sargent, "What about that African American standing across the street watching?

It would not be to far fetched to conclude that the Sargent would tell the police officer,"go get him and put him in the wagon with the rest of them."

Why would the police do that to you if you have done nothing? Because in a society where majority rules, you are an African American man and they are African American men and therefore the 10 African American men that were out of order has outweighed the one African American man that has done nothing.

They are African Americans and you are a African American and as such you are guilty by association. Hence the reality of the premise that when the wagon comes we all will go.

It is the dynamic properties of majority rule that dictates that whenever the police are called or when conflict is eminent that you immediately leave the area if you don't want to be mistaken or included in the conflict or roundup.

The dynamic properties of majority rule transcends all aspects of African American culture.

If 20 Africans  apply for a bank loan and have bad credit but you are the only African applying with excellent credit it is by perception based on the dynamics properties of majority rule that African have bad credit.

In this U.S culture and society where majority rule and perception is king you nor I are exceptional in spite of our personal accomplishments or achievements.

It is imperative that Black Americans take to heart what I am saying because time is of the essence. African Americans especially must move to conform, adapt or perish. The figures don't lie. There is no time remaining for each one to teach one.

The new black Americans are not only eliminating and replacing the classification "African American" they are also eliminating and replacing the black people attached to the classification as well.

In the U.S.A. where the perception of majority rule is applied and practiced you and I are without option or exception. This is not my personal opinion. This is a fact of cultural dynamics in a society and culture where the perception of the majority rule.

Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

I seems you are here to pontificate.
This is not that forum.

You do not have to get or even understand what I've written.
It is Ok to not understand.
Say so.

Beyond complaining and delusions, your already always pontification have not produce any significant results you or anyone else.

Get this: There is no transform the world outside of yourself without first transforming you - THE I.

Is this forum for only those that agree with you? You also take a lot for granted when you write without evidence but with authority "Beyond complaining and delusions, your already always pontification have not produce any significant results you or anyone else."

Here is real time significant results.....and I accept your apology.

At 2:28pm on February 19, 2009, Dr. Reda Coston, D.Sc. said…
Hello, Mr. Mubarak. How are you doing? I have changed our structure we are still The CEO's. However, we accept people who can now only provide services to CEO's. Our party is strictly private because of the production of fraud. Anyways, I have no beef with the situation that unfolded in the past. However, I saw the star pin. I also saw the article posted by pastor towards me. Nothing was said toward the defense I posed for you. However, mistakes happen because, of missed communication issues.

We as a society must learn to build capital resources in order to build more
business to increase our own job market. I am doing that now. Thank You.

At 3:31pm on March 28, 2009, Havinah Zari Aur-606 FASHION PTHostess said…
Greetings Enoch,
I love what you represent. My goal is to spend more time reading your works. Your photos and topics reveal your consciousness as being higher than the 10th power of Knowledge. Together we are capable of ruling the World with precision, giving back to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants what is properly due.
The Spirit of Havinah

At 9:53am on March 18, 2009, James Green said… Beloved Brother Enoch,
On the contrary, it was an honor for me to have first met you via the comment you left to our African Brother who was searching for himself. You shared your wisdom via revelation of a notable Biblical story. It was a Blessing from God for me to hear you articulate so clearly its meaning. Stay Strong, Always Productive and Keep up the Great Work! May God bless, strengthen, protect and keep you, always!
Your Elder Brother,
James Green
Hello Bro. Enoch,

At 12:45am on March 18, 2009, Deborah Porter said…
I am never quite sure sometimes if you are mocking me or challenging me to greatness. But your intellect intrigues the hell out of me! You are a necessary voice in this community!

4:34pm on February 26, 2009, ArLena Richardson The ePublicist said…
Hi Enoch,
I stopped to say I've missed you in the community.
Come on back by sometime and bring some of your valuable knowledge.
Ar Lena The ePublicist™

10:48pm on January 10, 2009, HASSAN RAHEEM said
Dear Brotha Enoch,
we truly appreciate your zeal in putting the right words to pen and posting them here in the WACP Community. Your oral commentaries are welcome on the WACP FM player if you want to take your writings to audio. Be in touch!

At 3:17pm on January 27, 2009, Valjeanne Jeffers said…
Hey Brother Enoch: when I saw that you were a member I felt right at home.
Valjeanne Jeffers

At 1:53pm on December 12, 2008, Vinetta Laing said…
Enoch Mubarak:
U R so Powerful, I could cry. Keep up the good work.
Vinetta Laing

January 13, 2009
I do follow your Articles here in the community and agree with them all so far. May you continue to keep putting the word out until a larger number of our people get it. THANK YOU ENOCH MUBARAK!

March 18, 2008
Bro. Enoch, I proudly wear The Black Star of Courage Pin. I was
recently conducting a workshop in Stillwater, OK for the Big 12
Conference on Black Student Government and used it as an example of
how leadership is recognized and that they should aspire to do
something with their lives for their people; with their education.
Lazone Grays

Sorry, I took it for granted that you know what a result is.

The result is that those brothers and sister are better prepared to what they face having ingested my sound, solid, competent and overwhelming knowledge and whether you recognize... so are you.

The world is full of people who are "prepared" - some more than others.
Being prepared is not a result.
Did they build a business?
Did invent a new technology?
What have they created, built, invented or produced?
Results is what matters.
Will they die with there potential intact - just being prepared?

Kwasi Akyeampong tell black America again… exactly which one constitute results

Kwasi Akyeampong
(A.)... As I lift up myself up~embrace, me in My mirror 

Kwasi Akyeampong

(B.)... Did they build a business? Did invent a new technology? What have they created, built, invented or produced?



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